About Stefan

About Stefan:


  • playing guitar
  • playing xbox
  • playing with photoshop
  • playing with my kids
  • drinking coffee
  • watching movies
  • cooking
  • building / fixing computers
  • reading / listening to blogs and podcasts


  • pumpkin spice coffee
  • dark roast coffee
  • pizza
  • pasta

What do you need to know to be my friend?

  • An interest in one of the following tv shows:
    •    The Office
    •    The Walking Dead
    •    Fringe
    •    Mythbusters
    •    Community
  • Enjoy great food like burgers, pasta, bacon.
  • Be a little geeky, have an interest in computers, tablets, electronics.

I am currently pastoring at Cornerstone Wesleyan Church with my wife in Halifax NS.
I graduated from Kingswood University in 2011.
I have 4 kids, the oldest was born in 2010 and the youngest in 2015.



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